Time Square


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“Painting as a kid, when I was 14, I enjoyed the medium a little bit more then because I was fascinated by the way the paint came off your brush and onto the canvas.” – Charles Pabst

Lake Tahoe is known for its local gems like Emerald Bay State Park and Spooner Lake, which serve up some of the best views of the region. It is also home to the Marcus Ashley Gallery, where many of the world’s most highly reputed collections are on display.

Charles Pabst art is part of the gallery’s expanding oeuvre of fine exhibits. The Californian artist is an acclaimed landscape artist who also dabbles in abstract and still life paintings. Pabst’s range of creativity is impressive and profound, and his work a must-have for collectors.

Time Square is an abstract representation of the bustling Crossroads of the World in New York. Unlike Pabst’s landscape paintings, this one captures a different facet of his unique perspective.

The artist paints the glitzy midtown neighborhood against a charcoal black background. Bright smears of paint spread across the canvas, creating silhouettes of skyscrapers that house New York’s finest theaters, office spaces, and commercial stores. Time Square is a worthy addition to an upscale loft, apartment, or boutique.