Taos Winter


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“As an artist, you start painting from your own heart, your feelings, and your mind, or maybe it is even more of a spiritual thing that happens.” – Charles Pabst

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is proud to be associated with over 40 artists from around the US and the world. At the gallery is where you’ll find a myriad of spectacular exhibits, including Charles Pabst art, that one can explore at leisure. Interested buyers can approach the showroom’s knowledgeable and friendly staff who are well-informed on the artists’ backgrounds and work.

Pabst is an Arizona-based artist who grew up in sunny California, where he first realized his passion for painting. As an accomplished artist, he captures the mood, energy, and beauty of the places he visits. He does so with elan in Taos Winter, which reveals the historic multi-story adobe settlement where Native Americans reside to this day. Based in New Mexico, Taos is home to the Puebloans who continue to support a community of their people.

The artist captures their historic homes in the lap of virgin snow, set against a misty backdrop. He relies on muted paints to depict the season’s subdued tones. The contrasting hues of the Taos Pueblo dwellings against the snow highlight the beauty of a community steeped in tradition, which Pabst depicts beautifully in Taos Winter.