St. Francis


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“I used to work with brushes only, but in recent years I’ve moved to using palette knives a lot more.” – Charles Pabst

Most traditional galleries conduct a formal air of business and thus miss out on interacting with the people who come through their doors. At the Marcus Ashley Gallery, you can be sure to get the assistance, information, and guidance you need to make an informed buy. Visitors will deeply enjoy their time at the gallery amidst some of the finest exhibits, including Charles Pabst art. Witness the master’s iconic landscape paintings that have graced the walls of residential and commercial spaces worldwide.

In St. Francis, the artist demonstrates the spiritual power and humbling aura of the cathedral in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Named Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi or simply St. Francis Cathedral, the limestone structure sits under an arresting night sky. Pabst paints the basilica’s recognizable features from its circular stained glass window with the Holy Spirit symbol to its high towers. An air of reverence permeates the scene as churchgoers silently make their way inside in time for the evening prayers.

The artist relies on thick layers of paint that leave behind a highly pigmented wash of hues. St. Francis is a powerful painting that will add an uplifting spin to any room.

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