Streets of Assisi


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“I’m a pretty direct artist. I’ll start right at the top, and I have an idea in my mind. And I’ll just attack the canvas, literally, just get paint on it and go. Usually working on a background up to the foreground. Getting my lights on, and then finally, working on the details.” – Charles Pabst

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The artist takes us on a journey to the Umbria region of Italy through the Streets of Assisi. Atop pastoral hilltops within the walls of an aging yet strong fortress, the town of Assisi sits proudly. Pabst captures the quaint bylanes of this gorgeous location and its elevated roofed dwellings.

In Streets of Assisi, a local woman can be seen strolling past stairways and stone walls bursting with the season’s finest blooms. A dreamy wash of muted, powdery hues lies against bright pops of natural tones to underscore the town’s enduring beauty and historic charm. This limited edition giclee on canvas is available for purchase at the gallery.