Moran Point Evening


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“My reward isn’t the end product. My reward is the creation. The experience of painting – that’s the adventure.” – Charles Pabst

Avid collectors and fans of Charles Pabst art will find that the artist’s work greatly enhances the look and feel of a room. Many visitors find Pabst’s work a joy to browse through at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The gallery staff is happy to share their insights on the painter’s collection and help visitors pick a piece that works best for a residential or commercial space.

In Moran Point Evening, Pabst paints the elevated sedimentary rock formations of the Grand Canyon as seen from Moran Point at sundown. Located in the South Rim, this picturesque point offers up some of the most generous views of the canyon. Historians debate that the viewing point was named after the American painter Peter Moran. Others say his brother Thomas Moran championed Congress to name the promontory after the landscape artist.

Pabst captures the majestic rock formations from an elevated precipice that reveals a lovely show of desert vegetation. As paint hues of sand and violet spread across the distance, one cannot help but feel the power of this geological wonder. Moran Point Evening is one of a handful of installments by Pabst that reveal the beauty of Moran Point.

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