Las Trampas


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“Passion is the emotion I bring to my artwork. Painting is the medium I use to express myself, and I love doing it.” – Charles Pabst

At the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe, visitors can marvel at and appreciate Charles Pabst art. The Arizona-based artist dabbles in different subject matters that often hold a historical or cultural significance. His work is worth perusing online or in person at the gallery.

Pabst paints the San José de Gracia Church of the Las Trampas Historic District situated between Santa Fe and Taos. The church and district are both considered national historical monuments that maintain the cultural continuity of the original Spanish settlers.

In Las Trampas, the artist captures the humble Spanish Colonial Pueblo mission church and its strong adobe structure. Churchgoers huddled in the cold night air, make their way into the structure for evening mass. Pabst chooses muted shades of brown that add warmth and energy to the canvas. His approach lets viewers feel the weight of this historic place. As a finishing touch, swirls and specks of paint add a mesmerizing patchwork of bright hues across the earth.

Las Trampas is a heartwarming painting to add to one’s growing collection of Pabst masterpieces.