Gaslamp Reflections


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“I used to work with brushes only, but in recent years I’ve moved to using palette knives a lot more.” – Charles Pabst

Collectors, fans, and visitors to the Marcus Ashley Gallery Fans will enjoy exploring Charles Pabst art — a collection of impressionist paintings with a contemporary flair. The artist often relies on his memory of a scene instead of photographs to create his paintings. This injects his work with purity, authenticity, and raw beauty, all of which make Pabst a virtuoso of impressionism. Add a painting or two by the artist to a room and witness the aesthetic transformation of bare walls and nooks.

Gaslamp Reflections is a classic Pabst work of art that depicts a bustling street corner bathed in the rain. Pedestrians take cover under dark umbrellas as the city assumes a subdued mood. Their receding silhouettes are briefly caught in the light of the overhead lamps. Bold pops of color add a lovely, stark contrast against darker tones. While this scene depicts an ordinary rainy day, Pabst captures the magic of seasonal shifts.

The artist relies on purposeful, gentle brushstrokes that transfer thin layers of paint across the canvas. Alternatively, visible smears like those that streak across the sky create a fluid, tactile finish. Gaslamp Reflections is the perfect pick for those who enjoy collecting season-centric paintings.

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