Garden Steps


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“There are many little hidden gardens in Assisi, Italy, overlooking beautiful valley vineyards.” – Charles Pabst

The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery go out of their way to ensure that the needs of their clients and customers are met with unrivaled service. The gallery is the perfect place for collectors to converse with the expert staff on all things art. For those who wish to just explore the exhibits on display, there’s plenty of memorabilia and books at the gallery to take home. While you’re here, do check out Charles Pabst art for a glimpse of some of the best impressionist works of our time.

The artist’s fondness for Italy takes centerstage in Garden Steps, where bucolic vistas lie only a few feet away. Assisi’s quaint brick homes and carefully tended seasonal flowers define the charm and beauty of this little hill town. Pabst relies on a serene palette of soft and bold hues that beautifully punctuate a rustic allure.

Visitors will feel the pull of the countryside through the eyes and memories of the artist. Garden Steps will look at home in a living room, dining area, lounge, cafe, or waiting area while effortlessly imbuing a space with comfort and tranquility.

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