Evening Council


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“Each day I get up and paint. Art is work, but I love it and so it seems more like play. I feel very blessed to have been able to spend my life doing what I love.” – Charles Pabst

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The artist creates an atmosphere of sanctity and stillness in Evening Council. As the Natives come together to discuss community matters, the air is solemn yet hopeful. Residents gather outside their homes in the glow of ambient light, watching as the Native leaders discuss affairs around a crackling bonfire. Pabst underscores the chilly night air as the tribespeople huddle up in thick shawls. Curls of smoke rise into the crimson sky as the council’s silent murmurs carry over the desert.

Evening Council reveals a blend of muted and soft tones that translate the mood of this painting. The artist invites viewers to come closer and almost listen in as matters of the tribe come to light.