Central Park


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“’Central Park’ reflects mankind’s thirst for the wonders of nature even in the midst of the city.” – Charles Pabst

Charles Pabst art is an assemblage of impressionist oil paintings where picturesque landscapes unfold. These elegant pieces are the perfect conversation starters in fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels, and upscale resorts. Collectors can find a large assemblage of the artist’s body of work at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The same prints may be viewed in an online exhibition on their website as well.

In this piece entitled Central Park, Pabst presents one of his recurring themes – man communing with nature – in an unusual setting. Departing from his customary sweeping panoramas of canyons, seascapes, and wilderness, the artist captures New York City’s largest urban park. And yet, the interspersing light hues and dark tints applied by fervent brushstrokes are unmistakably Charles Pabst.

The graceful dance of sunlight through the trees, casting shadows on the leaf-strewn ground, is also a hallmark that the artist’s admirers will recognize. Central Park is worth adding to one’s collection if only for the rare milieu it offers.

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