Young Summer


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26" x 38"



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“It is here but it is still young, the brand new Summer and the brand new day.” – Alexander Volkov

The art consultants at the Marcus Ashley Gallery are experts in providing their guests with everything they need to know about the local, national, and international artists whose works are on display at the gallery. Alexander Volkov art is one of the extensive collections in the gallery. Volkov is known for his series of oil paintings on windows, seasons, and rural landscapes presented in the artist’s signature realism style.

The eponymous Young Summer is a refreshing illustration of the artist’s passion for the transition of time. Dog days mean various things for different people. In the creative mind of Volkov, hot weather is an invitation to spend a lazy afternoon in the shade of gracefully swaying trees by the brook. His unrivaled proficiency at portraying nature in all its beauty and magnificence is evident in the authentic tints of lime green leaves, ebony rocks, deep brown tree trunks, and the slate concrete bridge. As well, Volkov’s trademark clashing of light and darkness lends a dramatic quality to the painting.