Winter’s End


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30" x 40"



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“As one season flows into another, the light seems to come from everywhere. Time stops… all the sounds dissolve in silence and you become one with the world.” – Alexander Volkov

Alexander Volkov art encompasses a series of collections – Tahoe landscapes, sunsets, windows, seasons, sea expressions, cityscapes, and soul medicine. In several pieces, Volkov integrates multiple themes, effortlessly weaving through each to create one unified scene.

Winter’s End is a testament to the kind of versatility that is so uniquely Volkov. The artist is an avid skier, so it is not surprising that snow is his favorite winter subject matter. In this piece, his seasons and sunsets topics converge to celebrate an ending as the beginning of new things. Before evening descends upon the forest, the sky unfolds in a symphony of colors heralding the coming of spring. But not yet. Volkov seizes the moment of what might be the last of this winter’s sunset.

Winter’s End and other magnificent works of the artist are on display at the Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery. Interested buyers also have the option of getting these paintings custom framed by the gallery.