Summer Reading


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36" x 26"



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“If it isn’t a best-seller, there is always a glass of wine to go with it, and anyway, it’s all about enjoying your own company.” – Alexander Volkov

Marcus Ashley Gallery is located in the lively shopping district of Heavenly Village in South Lake Tahoe. It is the proud host of a comprehensive Alexander Volkov art collection, including the artist’s Windows series. All of these paintings are done in the realism style and are also available in their online exhibition. Volkov’s pieces bring light, warmth, and nature into any room.

Summer Reading is a breath of fresh air and inspiration at any time of day. Like having an extra window on the wall, it soothes the weary soul all year round. The interchange of light and dark, the fusion of mood and atmosphere, and the staccato of light colors summon daydreams of the easy life. Through the skillful brushstrokes of Volkov, the curtains appear to sway in the summer breeze, the blue petals come alive, and the glass of wine seems too good to resist. This piece is a gentle reminder that the simple things in life are the source of pure joy.

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