Sand Harbor


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26" x 48"



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“It is a time of clarity and reckoning for all of us at the moment. Sand Harbor was painted in 2018…the serenity which preceded our current crisis…” – Alexander Volkov, 2020

Discover the awe-inspiring landscapes of Tahoe through the Alexander Volkov art collection at Marcus Ashley Gallery. Recognized for his realism paintings, Volkov portrays the district’s sceneries with remarkable detail to achieve faithful representations of his favorite place on earth. These pieces have evolved into a series and are now available in a Collectors Edition of only 25 worldwide.

Sand Harbor is a depiction of one of Tahoe’s most popular parks with public beaches. Given the long stretch of the Main Beach, it must have been a challenge for Volkov to find a cove of boulders and rocks to paint. But here it is, and the effort is more than worth the replication for viewers who have not been as fortunate to visit the famous destination.

The artist transposes Sand Harbor’s sublime beauty onto his canvas, from a viewpoint not commonly seen in tourist brochures and photographs. In Volkov’s eyes and through his paintbrush, the setting becomes dramatic with an overcast sky, gray stones, and deep green waters.