March Shadows


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30" x 40"



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“The snow is still high on the banks of this creek not far from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.” – Alexander Volkov

Surrender to the power of art in its many forms when you step into the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Travelers and locals can experience a transformative experience amongst the works of great artists. While exploring the spacious walkways of this brick-and-mortar establishment, you’ll come across the breathtaking Alexander Volkov art.

The artist connects with viewers on a level that trickles deeper than mere paint on canvas. His vision is amplified through expressive brushwork that reveals a raw part of himself. In March Shadows, the artist’s love for the transient nature of seasons comes through beautifully.

Even with spring just around the bend, winter remains put as frost grasps the earth dearly. The riverbanks, now several inches higher with snow, appear to succumb to winter’s stubbornness. The tug-of-war of seasons is a spectacle to behold as the land waits silently for spring.

Volkov paints a composition of textural depth between the dense thicket, snow, and glassy waters. March Shadows will liven up any corner of a room and look lovely on its own or alongside other seasonal pieces by Volkov.