Into The Hills


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40" x 30"



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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is proud to have Alexander Volkov art on display. Moving through its inviting, spacious walkways, visitors will discover more about art in one colossal space than anywhere else. The Marcus Ashley Gallery is also where art consultants are always ready to share their knowledge on the collections and art aficionados will be thrilled to browse the diverse pieces of local and international artists.

Many of Volkov’s paintings carry an air of mystery and intrigue like this one titled, Into The Hills. In this piece, primeval trees stretch overhead, creating a network of jagged branches as they reach up to the skies. Devoid of foliage, they appear ominous in the hazy daylight.

With just a stretch of road slicing through the mist, what lies ahead is barely visible. The artist beckons us to take the path less trodden and discover the beauty of the unknown.

Whether it’s about embarking on a journey of self-discovery or exploring unfamiliar territory, this piece urges one to move ahead with confidence. Into The Hills offers us an understated dose of comfort and assurance for what lies ahead.