Hammerstone Spring


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30" x 40"



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Set foot into the Marcus Ashley Gallery and prepare to be blown away by the rich collection of art on display. From Michelangelo and Dr. Suess to Steve Barton and Todd White, the gallery is a one-stop destination for diverse but riveting work. Here is where one can also find Alexander Volkov art, a moving series of paintings that highlight the artist’s exceptional prowess behind the brush.

Volkov is best known for his scenic paintings that capture the transient colors of the sky. In Hammerstone Spring, a sleepy town slowly wakes up from a wintry slumber. The frost melts away from the earth, giving way to new life. In the distance, a cluster of roofed homes sits huddled together under a lavender-infused sky. Winter slowly eases its clutch as spring creeps over the land.

Volkov paints with enthusiastic, controlled brushwork to demonstrate the transient nature of seasons. Hammerstone Spring is a lovely painting to mount in a home, restaurant, tavern, or lodge. The artist uses hints of pastels against a muted palette that will catch natural light beautifully through the day.