Evening Light


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24" x 34"



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“Located at the foot of Jack’s Mountain, Pennsylvania, this farm once belonged to a family called Hanawalt. They came to America from Germany as indentured servants in the early 1700s and worked hard to buy themselves out of servitude and build this farm. They were farmers, preachers, and teachers, and later, scientists, architects, and musicians. The family spread East and West. The farm belongs to someone else now but from a gentle slope across the Valley, the old Hanawalt tombstones enjoy the direct view of the farm and the stone house that used to be their home.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery can arrange for private art shows that allow collectors to experience art up-close in the company of family and friends. Lake Tahoe residents within 60 miles of the gallery can take advantage of this exclusive service. Collectors can also meet the gallery’s art consultants who are always keen to share their knowledge on the collections, including Alexander Volkov art.

Volkov’s paintings are incomplete without a fascinating backstory. These nuggets of information have a way of elevating the charm of his work. Evening Light is a beautiful example of the artist’s approach to heartwarming storytelling. The artist uses a muted palette of greys, beiges, and browns that allow the wood and stone house to burst with character.

Tracing the history of the Hanawalt family allows viewers to connect with this piece. From one chapter of their life to the next, this family endured hardship before tasting sweet success. Evening Light embraces and honors their journeys and those of people from all walks of life.