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Painting of a swan on a limited edition giclee canvas by artist Sally Maxwell

Capturing the natural world in art is an ever-impressive feat, and those who manage to portray the mannerisms and beauty of animals in art have a rare talent. Read about some of our most popular artists who explore animals in their artwork.

Loet Vanderveen

The late Loet Vanderveen was one of the most famous modern animal sculptors of the 20th and 21st century. His iconic bronze animals have been collected by Queen Elizabeth II, The King of Tonga, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many more notable individuals. Vanderveen sadly passed away in 2015, making his limited collection of sculptures all the more rare and exclusive.

Black bronze sculpture of a kudu with curled horns by Loet Vanderveen.

Kudu, Greater-Regular

Vanderveen’s childhood was influenced by his love for the zoo and his dreams of exotic safaris. After serving in the R.A.F during WWII, he was able to pursue his artistic career and learn rare patine bronze sculpture techniques. This elegant form is enhanced by delicate patina work that gives it an entrancing color and shine.

Sculpture of two giraffes by Loet Vanderveen.

Giraffe Pair

Look closely at this sculpture and you can see the small cracks in the patina, carefully chosen to imitate a giraffe’s. It is only with Vanderveen’s immense skill that he could manipulate patina and bronze with such care.

Tim “Frogman” Cotterill

Every one of Frogman’s unique frog sculptures has a personality all its own. The jewel tone and texture is achieved with bronze, gold, or steel, and his masterful technique lets him create animals in art that are, in his words, “just plain fun.”

Frogman’s modern animal sculptures are currently out of production, so everything you see on our site or in-person is a limited edition and soon to be unavailable. Shop while you can!

Sculpture of a green frog with a red heart called Casanova by Frogman.


This lovely piece is just one of Frogman’s many gorgeous frog sculptures. This lively little amphibian looks so real it could almost jump off your display.

Sculpture of a red gecko entitled Diablo by Frogman.


Frogman doesn’t just make frogs! His eye-catching geckos spark the same curiosity and whimsy as his classic frogs.

Miri Rozenvain

Miri Rozenvain’s lifelike, kaleidoscopic animals in art are beloved by collectors around the world. Her unique style is a surprising mix of abstract and realism, employing a technique that adds captivating texture to her modern animal paintings. She creates custom pieces for the gallery as well as on commissions for our clients. If you are interested in such a piece, please get in touch with us to learn more. 

 Colorful abstract owl painting entitled Determination by Miri Rozenvain.

Determination (Sold)

Rozenvain is incredible at capturing the depth of an animal’s facial expression in her art, and this free-flying owl is no exception. 

Painting of an abstract colorful horse entitled No Speed Limits by Miri Rozenvain.

No Speed Limits (Sold)

This custom painting has such expressive texture that the powerful horse seems to almost be bursting through the canvas in an explosion of color.

Sally Maxwell

Maxwell has mastered capturing animals in art. Her modern animal paintings feature scratchboard, a rare and unique medium that allows for highly precise lines. She uses a distinct technique in scratchboard that allows her to add color to what’s largely known as a black and white medium. Her process is part of what makes her art highly unique and sought-after. 

Realistic painting of chardonnay, cheese, and a monkey by Sally Maxwell.

Chardonnay Monkey

This painting was inspired by Maxwell’s love for chardonnay, cheese, and crackers on a happy evening: some of life’s delightful simple pleasures. The lifelike quality is utterly stunning.

 Painting of bears and crows entitled Shoo Fly by Sally Maxwell.

Shoo Fly

Maxwell’s experience with depressive thoughts inspired this painting of crows and a bear. These crows represent the negativity she wishes to ward off. Her new slogan: “I AM the bear and I can do it!”

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