Once Were Rebels – Commission Idea

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“We’ve all had that memorable time in our lives that’s just unforgettable – the first taste of freedom. I’m sure you had to have your mom drop you off at the mall or the movies so you could meet up with your friends. For me, it was the arcade.” – Todd White

Todd White art is an exquisite storytelling experience. Each contemporary figurative expressionist painting in his collection unravels a moving moment in the artist’s life. Visit the brick-and-mortar site or the online exhibition of Marcus Ashley Gallery to view and enjoy his provocative and yet heartwarming work.

In Once Were Rebels, White hands over a page of his teenage diary to the canvas. Folded cuffs on torn Jordash jeans paired with OP tees and high-cut Converse sneakers take the viewer back to a time when skateboarding was in and cell phones were yet to be invented. For the artist, the arcade was the place to be, and the facial expression of one of his two young female subjects shows the exhaustion that follows a day well spent with friends “surviving on popcorn, french fries, and Coke.” The other one embodies White’s regret at the current generation not being able to experience it. He hopes that those who come upon this piece will “see yourself in it and remember to love the people around you.”