Highballs In Houston


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12" H x 36" W



Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished by the artist

Shipping and Framing

This will come to you with a custom frame chosen by the artist

Highballs in Houston (Limited Edition) Todd White Art From Globally Acclaimed Painter Available at Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery in South Lake Tahoe

“The only thing more intoxicating than booze is women. This may be the very reason alcohol was invented, as when the two get together, there will always be stories to be shared – or painted. I’m not saying I need it to talk to a woman, unless of course she’s named Houston and is wearing blue suede heels…” – Todd White

One of Lake Tahoe’s premier fine art galleries, the 18-year-old Marcus Ashley Gallery boasts a vast collection of magnificent paintings from internationally recognized artists. This includes a repertoire of Todd White art, figurative expressionist pieces sought after for the elegance they bestow on living rooms of high-class urban homes, walls of exclusive bars, and lobbies of five-star hotels.

Highballs in Houston depicts one of White’s signature subject matters, the no-nonsense sultry vixen. She sends a message from across the room with a disarming look that conveys pleasure, provocation, and danger all at once. The artist is a native Texan, and perhaps, this is the way he envisions Houston if it were a woman. His unparalleled gift of portraying the human body as an art form is flattery that equals the Space City. An explorer would certainly employ the aid of liquor to conquer its energy. Highballs, anyone?