I Owe You A Love Letter – Commission Idea

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“You’ve got to believe, as a creative, that what you’re doing at that moment is the greatest thing on the face of the earth.” – Todd White

The 18-year-old Marcus Ashley Gallery, one of Lake Tahoe’s premier fine art galleries, boasts a vast assemblage of enthralling paintings from artists beloved locally and internationally. This includes a collection of Todd White art, figurative expressionist prints with interesting stories worthy of the elegance in upscale urban homes, exclusive bars, and luxury vacation destinations.

Do people still write letters? For those pining for the old glory days of pen and paper, I Owe You A Love Letter is White’s special gift. Ordinary women with extraordinary tales to tell are his signature theme and his subjects are often surrounded by props that define their existence, the crutches they hold on to while navigating the journey of life. In this piece, the artist’s muse goes the old-fashioned way to express her affection, signified by the profusion of pink roses in the background and reflected on the floor. With his fluid brushstrokes, her face and body become a work of art through which her honest emotions are expressed.