Dead Can Dance – SOLD

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Dimensions 23 × 24 in



Home to some of the world’s greatest artists, the Marcus Ashley Gallery is also a proud curator of Todd White art. Its sweeping walkways have been graced by people from all over the world. Marcus Ashley Gallery is a haven for aficionados who have a special taste for fine art.

Todd White has several honorable milestones that make up the bulk of his career, but it’s his transition from animation to figurative expressionist art that is most profound. Dead Can Dance carries White’s classic representation of the human form, except this time we see a celebratory affair in action. This piece captures the essence of Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, a famous Mexican holiday when families indulge in merry-making to celebrate life and death.

White uses a deep palette with hints of color to bring the characters in Dead Can Dance to life. The canvas may carry a touch of somberness but it’s a clear representation of letting the good times roll.