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Meet “Sebastian,” a striking and vivid portrayal by renowned artist Steve Barton. This original acrylic on canvas captures the regal presence of a rooster with a bold, impressionistic style that Barton is celebrated for.

Sebastian stands proudly at the center of the composition, his feathers a brilliant cascade of colors that dance across the canvas. Rich reds, deep blues, and vibrant greens create a dynamic and lively image, each brushstroke contributing to the texture and depth that bring this majestic bird to life. The background, an abstract mix of cool tones, contrasts beautifully with Sebastian’s warm plumage, highlighting his commanding stance and intense gaze.

The artwork is housed in a sleek, dark frame that complements the vibrant colors of the painting, making it a perfect statement piece for any space. Barton’s masterful use of color and texture not only showcases his artistic prowess but also imbues Sebastian with a personality and presence that is both captivating and endearing.

Add a touch of vibrant elegance to your collection with Steve Barton’s “Sebastian,” an exquisite piece that celebrates the beauty and majesty of one of nature’s most striking creatures.