Surf’s Up


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Framed image featured in Dark Stain




Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished

Shipping and Framing

This will come to you in the frame of your choice and ship to you ready to hang.

Surf’s Up (Limited Edition) Steve Barton Art in “Wavy” Frame From Prominent Painter Available at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe

“I moved to Southern California in search of new ideas. This changed my perspective, my color palette, and my subject matter.” – Steve Barton

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is one of the best art destinations in Lake Tahoe for travelers and close-by city dwellers. Its exhaustive collection of paintings has fascinated many visitors and clients over the years. As a popular choice, Steve Barton art is best known for its tranquil subjects, tropical getaways, and dreamy destinations. Barton’s work encapsulates a life of adventure and the pleasure of chancing upon new places.

Controlled brushstrokes and a plethora of rich colors take center stage to create this lovely piece, entitled Surf’s Up. Barton’s loose impressionistic style is animated through sandy shores, dancing palm trees, and quaint cottages. Undisturbed by urban influence, the island rests peacefully under a brilliant blue sky. A jeep sits silently after a day of traversing winding roads against the backdrop of a sleepy town.

Barton uses his iconic “Wavy” frame to deftly bring the elements of his work to life. Surf’s Up will look right at home in any indoor space and is available through the Marcus Ashley Gallery.