Secret Passage


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This piece comes gallery wrapped



15" x 55"



Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished by the artist

Secret Passage (Limited Edition) Steve Barton Art  – Gallery Wrapped From World-Renowned Painter Available at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe

“I want to bring these magical places home, not just in my heart, but by bringing the magic to life on a canvas for you.” – Steve Barton

For waterscapes that inspire a blissful and relaxing ambiance, operators of vacation destinations look to the Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery. Within its walls is the enviable complete collection of Steve Barton art, mostly comprised of tropical paradise sceneries. The charm of Barton’s loose impressionistic paintings also lies in his unique “Wavy” frames which mimic the undulations of the sea.

Such is Secret Passage, a dreamlike coastal setting enshrined in palm tree fronds, profuse flowers in varied hues, and a hint of fine sand. While the title refers to a stone bridge, one of Barton’s favorite subjects, it could very well be this viewpoint. The magic happens in his powerful rendition of orange heavens and cobalt sea, both distinctly his own composition. Tiny cottages lining the foothills represent the artist’s signature theme of idyllic life on the beach.