Midnight Mooring


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This piece comes Gallery Wrapped



14"h x 34"w



Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished

“To me, lighting is everything because it highlights and brings a sense of emotion to the painting.” – Steve Barton

Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery is home to the largest Steve Barton art collection. Each piece by the artist is a transcendental aesthetic expression of natural land and water sceneries. The vivid tints Barton employs on his canvas elevate plain walls and complement brightly decorated rooms. This includes his evening series, which impart a relaxed mood in any bedroom, whether in a modern abode, a countryside inn, or a luxury hotel.

In Midnight Mooring, the artist paints a true-to-life representation of his signature placid life in a coastal setting. The small marina dotted with quaint cottages, palm trees, and luxuriant flowers is a sight to behold when the darkness of night descends. A lone sailboat is docked on the calm water, and two old-fashioned lamp posts are the only sources of light.

This loose impressionistic piece bears Barton’s stamp of heartfelt textures. It comes to you gallery wrapped.