Lazy Lagoon


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Lazy Lagoon (Limited Edition Painting) Steve Barton Art From World-Renowned “Wavy” Artist Available at Marcus Ashley Art Gallery in South Lake Tahoe

“The best places to display my art are vacation destinations because they capture that moment of beauty and rest.” – Steve Barton

At Marcus Ashley Gallery, expertly trained art consultants are on hand to guide guests. They unreservedly answer questions about the gallery’s displayed work of internationally acclaimed artists. These include the waterscapes in their extensive Steve Barton collection. Many inquiries on his pieces are from owners of fine dining restaurants and luxury hotels who are drawn to the relaxing and convivial feelings the paintings impart.

Steve Barton art is synonymous with dream vacations. In this piece entitled Lazy Lagoon, the artist portrays one of Lake Tahoe’s estuaries with his trademark palm trees, quaint cottage, and copious flowers in various bold hues. And yet, the atmosphere is markedly unlike his typical sunny sceneries. Bestowing a subdued aesthetic, Barton presents the locale in dim colors. Perhaps suggesting a rest at the end of a day of exploring the cascades depicted from afar. Nonetheless, his signature dreamlike quality remains through the fervent strokes and strong textures.

This loose impressionistic canvas comes to you in the “Wavy” frame, another Barton stamp.