Beneath the Waves


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished by the artist

Shipping and Framing

This will come to you in the frame of your choice and ship to you ready to hang.

Marcus Ashley Gallery takes pride in the exhibits it curates by talented artists in and around California. Nestled at the heart of Lake Tahoe, the gallery is a reputable space for visitors to explore immersive art. Prepare to have your senses transported to tranquil, unspoiled landscapes through the Steve Barton art collection. The artist takes viewers on a visual treat of coastal habitats, tropical treasures, and peaceful vistas. Barton’s covetable work carries wanderlust vibes, a running theme his fans adore.

Beneath the Waves reveals a tapestry of tropical hues that fill the canvas with Barton’s creative flair and raw perception. Weathered yet quaint beach houses sit against a pier and an idling fishing boat bobbing on pristine waters. Palm trees sway in the gentle breeze, revealing a backdrop that draws you in immediately. In the foreground, the artist gives us a magical view of underwater life. A majestic sea turtle is accompanied by a school of flounders, swimming past thriving corals and seaweed. An octopus lies in sweet repose in a sandy patch that provides a stunning view of marine life in action. Both scenes melt into each other to create a compelling composition.

Barton relies on sweeping brushstrokes and layers of bright paint to translate the energy of the tropical paradise. Beneath the Waves is a masterpiece that deserves a spot on a wall.