My What A Lovely Pair Of Bongos


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This Sally Maxwell original scratchboard art, entitled “My What A Lovely Pair Of Bongos,” showcases a captivating portrait of two bongo antelopes, their rich chestnut coats adorned with striking white stripes, set against an inky black backdrop that accentuates their regal presence. Maxwell’s meticulous scratchboard technique reveals an astounding level of detail, from the delicate fur texture to the polished gleam of their spiraled horns, each stroke contributing to a lifelike representation of these majestic creatures. The addition of an intricately patterned geometric border introduces an element of Art Deco sophistication, framing the bongos with vibrant colors and angular forms that contrast beautifully with the organic lines of the subjects. This piece is a testament to Maxwell’s prowess in blending realism with stylistic embellishments, creating a work that is not only a visual delight but also an homage to the natural elegance of wildlife.

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