Celebrating Good Times


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Discover a new way to appreciate art by indulging in meaningful conversations with like-minded people at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The gallery’s art consultants are well-versed with the collections on display, including the Rolinda Stotts art. There’s much to learn about this fascinating artist who radiates positivity and confidence. Her travels to Italy pushed her to pursue art and become a source of inspiration, encouraging viewers to follow their dreams. Stott’s meticulous yet liberating approach to still-life painting makes her work a joy to view.

In Celebrating Good Times, Aspen trees crowd the canvas, revealing unusual yet pretty markings. The artist’s fondness for these textured white-washed trees is evident in several originals. Gold-tinted leaves sprout upwards, enveloping the sky with a burst of new life. Stotts layers the backdrop with silver foil that produces a mesmerizing effulgence as if nature is amidst a celebration of sorts.

In Celebrating Good Times, the artist shows us that even the littlest things in life are cause for celebration. Most of Stott’s work is carefully created on broken layers of paint and canvas to give it a stunning effect.