Horiyoshi’s Pride


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Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished

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Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished by the artist.

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“Horiyoshi’s Pride” is a striking giclée on canvas by Michael Summers that pays homage to the rich tradition of Japanese tattoo art through the majestic form of an elephant. This piece is a confluence of culture and wildlife, blending intricate patterns and symbols with the dignified strength of one of nature’s grandest creatures.

The elephant, portrayed in a side profile, commands attention with its sheer size and presence, yet it is the exquisite details that truly captivate. Its skin is a canvas, intricately painted with swirling greys and blacks, adorned with vibrant koi fish that seem to swim across its form, and embellished with delicate cherry blossoms that evoke a sense of gentle beauty amidst the boldness.

Inspired by the work of the legendary tattoo artist Horiyoshi, the designs on the elephant’s skin are reminiscent of traditional Irezumi, with waves, scales, and petals flowing seamlessly together, each symbol rich with meaning and history. The koi fish, in particular, are symbols of perseverance and strength, qualities aptly reflected in the elephant’s calm but powerful demeanor.

The color palette is both bold and harmonious, with the bright oranges of the koi providing a stunning contrast to the greyscale tones of the elephant’s hide. This juxtaposition mirrors the balance between power and grace, the spiritual and the physical, a central theme in much of Horiyoshi’s work.

“Horiyoshi’s Pride” is a masterpiece that resonates with the admirers of fine art and the enthusiasts of traditional Japanese culture alike. It is a celebration of artistry that transcends borders, a testament to the beauty that arises from the intermingling of diverse artistic traditions. Perfect for a prominent display, this giclée on canvas will not only be a focal point in any room but also a source of endless contemplation and admiration.