Golden Blue


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Shipping and Framing

This Original artwork will include complimentary shipping within the Continental U.S. and includes framing.

“Golden Blue,” an original oil on canvas by Michael Flohr, is a luminous composition that exudes the warmth and energy of its subjects, a trio of sunflowers. The painting is dominated by the stark contrast of the vivid blue background against the radiant yellow petals, with the deep black of the vase anchoring the composition. The artist employs a rich palette and a bold impasto technique that gives the work a palpable texture and a sense of immediacy.

Every stroke is intentional, capturing the light as it dances across the petals and leaves, lending a dynamic quality to the static scene. This piece is a celebration of nature’s simple beauty, a subject that has captivated artists for centuries. Perfect for both contemporary and traditional spaces, “Golden Blue” is sure to bring a splash of color and a touch of nature’s elegance to any art lover’s collection.