Dragonboy and the 100 Hearts


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“Dragonboy and the 100 Hearts” is a touching tale from Fabio Napoleoni that invites readers into a story of kindness, sharing, and the joy of giving. In this heartwarming narrative, Dragonboy embarks on a journey that highlights the importance of compassion and thoughtfulness.

With the company of his adorable and diverse set of friends, Dragonboy finds 100 hearts, each one representing an act of love and kindness. As they distribute these hearts to those around them, they experience the true happiness that comes from making others smile and spreading warmth.

The illustrations in the book are as emotive as the story itself, featuring vibrant, captivating images that resonate with the book’s message of love and generosity. The gentle rain of hearts on the cover reflects the shower of care that Dragonboy and his friends aim to spread in their world.

Napoleoni’s book is a reminder to young readers of the power each person holds to make the world a better place through simple, loving actions. “Dragonboy and the 100 Hearts” is a celebration of the little things that make a big difference, making it an ideal read for children to understand the impact of kindness and to be inspired to share their own hearts with the world.