Floral White – 191427


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“Floral White – 191427” is a stunning original acrylic on canvas by the artist Maya Eventov, known for her expressive and vibrant works that celebrate nature’s beauty. This piece is a captivating exploration of floral splendor, featuring a lush carpet of white flowers set against a subtle, textured backdrop.

Eventov’s use of the palette knife creates a rich tapestry of texture throughout the canvas, with each flower petal rendered in thick, sculptural strokes of white and soft gray, accented with hints of purple and blue. The centers of the flowers are dotted with touches of yellow and green, providing a contrast that brings the blossoms to life.

The background is an understated expanse of soft beige and gray, allowing the white blooms to stand out in stunning relief. Delicate blades of grass and wildflowers in muted greens and blues add depth and balance to the composition, suggesting a gentle breeze moving through a field.

“Floral White – 191427” is a celebration of the delicate beauty and purity of white flowers, a theme that Eventov interprets with a sense of joy and an eye for detail. This painting would be a sophisticated and serene addition to any art collection, offering a moment of tranquility and a reminder of the simple elegance found in nature.