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The Marcus Ashley Gallery has cultivated a notable following of local, national, and international collectors and art enthusiasts. Here is where you will find Markus Pierson art, a celebrated body of work with abstract themes. Once a booking accountant and billboard painter, the artist found his calling in the arts. His paintings draw inspiration from the Joni Mitchell song ‘Coyote’ about a Cassanova the singer is infatuated with, despite his gallant, reckless ways. Pierson’s Coyote Series has inspired many fans to follow their hearts, take a chance, and celebrate the highs and lows of life with aplomb.

In Pearlz, a slick coyote struts down a street with a platter held high. In the oyster lies the world instead of a lustrous pearl. A cluster of bold font types come together to read Le Monde Est Ton Trouver Le Pearlz, which translates to ‘The world is your oyster. Find the pearls.’ Different destinations run across the painting’s edges, undoubtedly the places that played a significant part in Pierson’s journey as an artist. The coyote exudes confidence, poise, and pride, qualities the artist hopes to instill in his audiences.

Pearlz captures the wandering spirit of his coyote character that doesn’t conform to society’s standards or expectations.