The Angry Goat


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Regular Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished

Special Edition

Hand embellished by the artist. Kept in his private collection and always very limited

Shipping and Framing

This will come to you either unframed and tubed with complimentary Continental U.S. shipping – use code ARTFREESHIP – or you can add a custom frame with us.

Accompanying poem:

I’m sitting at a native street café in Port Said,
my cup of gratitude filled with Egyptian coffee so thick I could eat it with a fork,
when the urge to spend midnight staring at some pyramids
hits me like a lawnmower blade hits the unlucky dandelion
it’s squarely aimed itself at. I look up and down the street
– no cabs. Not even one.
I ask the guy seated next to me and he says
“yup, nothin’ left to hire but the angry goat.”
And then he points to, well, and angry goat
with a gorgeous velvet sofa strapped to it.
So I asked the angry goat and he says
“if you don’t mind the eyes, I don’t.”
I’ve got no idea what that means, but off we go.
It’s a bumpy ride, and damn expensive,
But we’re making good time as the sun slowly sets and the moon rises. I
t’s about 30 minutes into the Starlight
when I spot the first one, a big blue eye
peering out from behind a cloud. It’s spooky, yes, but I don’t care.
I’ve got things I wanted to accomplish, so I order the goat to
double his peace and incentivize him with the promise
of double pay. He obliges with a snort.
I left my gaze back up – there’s another eye,
a hazel one this time.
Just then – WOAH – there they are, The pyramids,
those majestic testimonials to the unlikely fruits
of the marriage between mind – expanding mysticism
and mind numbed labor.
I feel at peace. They suit me, as I am like minded. But the
eyes queer the scene. They unsettle it. I asked the angry
goat about them and he says, “They are the eyes of the
average man, and for as long as I’ve strolled these
deserts, they’ve been drawn to me.” So I ask, “They are
drawn to your anger?” And he says “I’m Not angry. I’m
purposeful. Everyone gets that wrong, not that I care, but
they know. I ponder that thought as a goat strides
towards a nearby tent-city oasis, as we’ve got plush
mattresses wrapped in soft Egyptian – cotton sheets
reserved for us there, when he looks up and stops dead
in his tracks. “The Green One!” He shouts, So I gaze up,
And sure enough, there’s a green eye staring directly at
me. So I asked the goat about it and what he says is … I’ll
let you decide.
“That is the green eye of envy. It rarely shows itself. That
It has chosen to reveal itself to you means that you will
live well. You will seek and then find, strive for then bask
in, your dreams. So rejoice and be glad, but know that a
debt will come due and you’ll have to pay it. Envy is the
curse that shadows the Blessed, no matter how humbly
you place your blessings in your cup of gratitude – it won’t
matter. Those who fritter away their days grasping at
things not worth having will see your clarity of vision, and
it will torment them. I tell you these things not to change
you or shame you into altering your path, for your own
path is worthy. I say them only that you should know, my
friend, only that you should know.