The Throwback


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Limited Edition

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished by the artist


Includes Framing

“Born to Wander No 41
The Throwback
WOE IS ME, For I’m Tragically Out-of-Step With The Comfort-Seeking, Caution-Worshipping Times I Live In. I Fear I’m a YESTER-YORE THROWBACK To a Time When Wild Weekly Wreakings and Menacing Monthly Manipulations Forced The Common to Become The Sturdy, The Sturdy to Become The Impressive, and The Impressive to Become The Exceptional. Left With No Other Choice, They Constructed The Hearts and Minds of Lions Within Their Unsuspecting Times. I LONG TO LIVE AS THEY DID, To Live as The Lion Does and Possess Such Courage that I Perceive Fear as Being Nothing More Than a Tool I Sometimes Find Useful.
I Do Not, and I Never Will, Find Merit In The Word “SOMEWHAT”. I will Never Embrace The Numbing Calm That Comes With Being ‘Somewhat’ Satisfied Or ‘Somewhat’ Grateful Or ‘Somewhat’ In Love. Whatever it is, I Will Be In It All The Way To The Hilt Of The Knife, Or I Won’t be In It At All. I Will Just Be On My Way, A SEEKER TRUE OF HEART.
Time Is a Theif Who Steals From Us All, The Only Question Being The Worth Of the Plunder. May I See Each Day For What It Is, A Vast Bounty Left Unguarded, And May I Live Them The Poets’ Way: Face-First and Desperate, Frustrated and Restless, Mesmerized and Regretless. And When I Die, May I Do Falling Away, Thunderstruck and Blinded By Love; Someone Who, At Long Last, Finally Feels AT PEACE and In-Step With The Moment They Find Themself In.”

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