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“I, who have nothing, bring you my love so that you will grow in a world of hope” – Mackenzie Thorpe

In this original Mackenzie Thorpe artwork, a small, childlike figure sits alone, at the base of a very tall tree. The leaves and branches are replaced with three huge, vibrant red hearts. In Thorpe’s signature style, the child is wearing a dark, hooded duffle coat and sturdy shoes. He is embracing a small red heart, echoing those in the tree. Oftentimes, Thorpe draws these figures with so little that they do not even have a shadow. The figure is shown without a face or any recognizable features as the viewers are meant to picture themselves, or someone they know, in the image. The child represents any and every child, regardless of race, gender or background.

The child sits under the tree, looking up into the sky as if he is daydreaming about his future. Although he is alone, he is hopeful and his heart is filled with love that he is ready to share with the world. Thorpe reminds us that we need to have an understanding of the darkness and isolation in life to fully appreciate the light. The majority of Thorpe’s artwork expresses love and hope, however, he does not shy away from the darkness that exists in everyday life. He tries to illustrate, as authentically as possible, the realness and grittiness of our world while still providing a message of hope.

The background of this image is filled with gorgeous fluffy clouds. Thorpe uses clouds to communicate both hardships and hope. He believes that every ripple represents a struggle, yet at the same time, there is always light breaking through. The moon is high in the blue night sky, but the sun is just starting to rise, providing light for the child’s journey. Thorpe expertly blends the pure color pigment, often utilizing his hands and fingers as extensions of the pastels. The colors gently transition as the sun rises, bringing in a range of vibrant yellow tones. There’s an overwhelming sense of joy and positivity in this image, like the nostalgia of a summer day.

Mackenzie Thorpe is one of the biggest selling British artists of the last 30 years. His work is rooted in authenticity and embodied in emotional expression. This Mackenzie Thorpe original artwork is available for sale, along with many others, at Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe. Marcus Ashley Gallery is one of South Lake Tahoe’s premier fine art galleries, situated in Heavenly Village’s bustling shopping district. Along with works by Mackenzie Thorpe, the gallery also exhibits 40+ of the most iconic artists of our time.