Aerial – Blue


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Each piece is a unique handcrafted original


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The history of the Blue Aerial:

The Blue Aerial was born when Jack was experimenting with colored glass. Although it is the same shape as the standard Aerial, this piece resonates with its admirers in a much different way. This piece reminds you of the serene blue sky and the many shapes the clouds take on. Looking into the Blue Aerial is like looking into the endless sky and you can’t help but daydream.

He executes his colors by layering dichroic glass through optic crystal in multiple different layers each angled differently to catch light. The different colors of dichroic glass come from the materials he uses gold, silver, magnesium and copper. Those all create a color when illuminated and stacked on top of each other. The color spectrum comes from the different luminosity of light and temperatures of light. If you were to put two different light sources on the piece at one given time it would increase the colors in the piece. He also uses spectrum glass in the hilt of some of his pieces such as rose green, purple, and blue.