CCTV Series – 191623


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This original oil on canvas by Harold Braul, part of the “CCTV Series – 191623,” is a compelling exploration of urban life through the unique perspective of surveillance cameras. The work depicts a throng of individuals, each painted with distinct, vibrant strokes that articulate the diverse tapestry of the city’s populace. Braul’s technique captures the movement and energy of the crowd while individual figures remain anonymous, hinting at the impersonal nature of surveillance. The composition is dynamic, with the figures seemingly in motion across the canvas, a snapshot of life observed from above. The contrast of vivid colors against the stark white background emphasizes the isolation and scrutiny under which modern society operates. This piece is a thought-provoking commentary on privacy, anonymity, and the omnipresent gaze of technology in contemporary life. Harold Braul’s “CCTV Series – 191623” is not just a painting; it is a conversation piece that invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of the modern social landscape.