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Dimensions 5.5 × 5 × 3.25 in


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There are several ways to enjoy Lake Tahoe’s beauty, from serene gondola rides to leisurely cruises to hot air balloon rides. For a dose of contemporary and historical art, travelers and locals can head over to the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The thoughtfully decorated and designed showroom is home to Frogman art, a marvelous collection by Tim Cotterill. Browse through the sculptor’s wide array of animal-inspired works that appear as if they will come to life at any moment.


Easy Rider, Frogman’s latest release, couples an unlikely pair in one delightful sculpture. A grassy green frog clings tenaciously to the back of an unsuspecting tortoise, hitching a ride to the pond. The textured, mottled brown shell of the tortoise provides the ideal accommodation/perch for this audacious frog. Hopefully, he is not in a hurry! 

The sculptor relies on earthy, rich patinas that blend beautifully with natural aesthetics such as a garden, alongside indoor plants, or amidst a bohemian-style nook.


Frogman’s sculptures are burnished to perfection, giving the pieces a lovely sheen. Easy Rider is an impressive piece that portrays two distinct characters you’re likely to spot near a pond. Take home this amusing sculpture to elevate the look and feel of a room.