Yosemite Falls


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“I used to work with brushes only, but in recent years I’ve moved to using palette knives a lot more.” – Charles Pabst

The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery maintain an inclusive platform where the works of upcoming and acclaimed artists are equally celebrated. Visitors can get to know more about the artists and their works here. The patrons and staff also host several events that help visitors discover more about both upcoming and familiar artists.

Through the gallery’s hallways, you’ll come across Charles Pabst art. The award-winning artist holds a prestigious place in the art community for his work. In Yosemite Falls, Pabst captures the mighty waterfall set against a stunning lake. The famous attraction is located in the Sierra Nevada region in Yosemite National Park. Pabst depicts the sprawling acres of lush greenery that cling to this beautiful Californian oasis.

The artist reaches for mellow hues of violet and pale yellow to create the distant waterfall and late evening sky. Deeper tones of green and amber reproduce the undeniable beauty of the untamed flora. Pabst manipulates light and shadows to reveal a mesmerizing veil of ethereal tones. Smooth, flawless brushwork imparts richness and purity, making Yosemite Falls a classic Pabst masterpiece.