The Ancient Ones


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“Incredibly, this Walpi village exists today—just like this. This Hopi reservation in northern Arizona is the oldest continually inhabited spot in North America. Only the most privileged live on this point with no running water or electricity, just like the ancient ones.” – Charles Pabst

The Marcus Ashley Gallery proudly displays the work of upcoming and established artists across its 4400 sq. foot interiors. Visitors are left in awe by the gallery’s impressive museum-like space that maintains an inviting atmosphere. Here is where one can browse through and admire Charles Pabst art, among others. The artist is known for his enthusiastic portrayal of historical landscapes in many of his paintings.

In The Ancient Ones, Pabst paints the historic Walpi Village—one of 11 settlements at the epicenter of the Hopi Nation. Situated in northwest Arizona, the village sits on a narrow slice of the First Mesa. The artist shares how the village still follows the traditions of early Native Americans. Without letting the modern world’s influences affect its cultural and historic integrity, the community maintains a simple, wholesome life to this day.

In the mystical glow of moonlight, the sandstone dwellings sit perched on the precipice as a symbol of Hopi identity and architecture. The Ancient Ones captures the beauty of a culture that honors its roots, rituals, and people.