Plaza Evening


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This is an edition size of 50 regardless of the size you order

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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“I take great pleasure in sharing my view of the world with others. I want to give joy and happiness to other people.” – Charles Pabst

There’s no better way to buy art than from a trusted source that deeply reveres and understands the nuances of the process. The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a prime location for private collectors, artists, and prominent figures to view and acquire fine exhibits.

You’ll find a bevy of treasured works by artists such as Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, Alexander Volkov, and Frogman along its hallowed walkways. The gallery is proud to include Charles Pabst art as part of its esteemed reserve of growing painters, sculptors, and illustrators.

Pabst’s love affair with Italy continues in Plaza Evening as he paints a bustling marketplace with tourists and locals. The square is alive with animated chatter, the strains of live music, and the calls of merchants selling their wares. Pabst alternates between dense smears and light washes of paint to create a composition of texture and value. Under a starry night sky, pedestrians venture past medieval architecture and quaint bylanes lined by trees and lampposts.

The energy and thrill of a foreign land come through in Pabst’s representation of Plaza Evening.

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