Morning Breakers


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“Each day I get up and paint. Art is work, but I love it and so it seems more like play. I feel very blessed to have been able to spend my life doing what I love.” – Charles Pabst

Lake Tahoe is known far and wide for its extraordinary beauty. Tucked at the heart of Heavenly Village in Lake Tahoe, the Marcus Ashley gallery is a one-stop destination to view and buy original, fine collections, including Charles Pabst art. The Arizona-based artist lets viewers explore some of the most breathtaking places in and around the US through his landscape paintings that are truly works of art.

In Morning Breakers, Pabst paints the quiet yet unpredictable nature of the sea’s mighty waves. They partake in a dance of sorts as the waves roll and crash against the sandy shoreline. The artist paints the waters to reflect a brilliant blue sky while deeper tones fill the jagged rocks that dot the seascape.

Pabst deposits thick layers of paint that catch the visible strokes of his palette knife. He alternates with a brush to introduce finer details that bring this glorious beach view to life. Morning Breakers will add a soothing vibe to a quaint or upscale room that it is mounted in.