Kaibab Canyon Falls


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“A hidden treasure deep in the canyon gorge is Kaibab Canyon Falls, which empties into the mighty Colorado.” – Charles Pabst

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is honored to display Charles Pabst art alongside some of the world’s greatest collections that include a trove of works by renowned artists such as Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, Michael Parkes, and Alexander Volkov. You’ll discover that the gallery is a great stepping stone for emerging artists. The patrons support local and national artists who are masters in their own right. Explore their works and more at this mammoth gallery located in Lake Tahoe.

Pabst’s travels around the world and the US are a delightful sight to behold through his landscape paintings. Situated close to the Grand Canyon, Kaibab National Park is an excellent location for thrill-seekers and intrepid hikers. In Kaibab Canyon Falls, the artist deftly captures a mighty waterfall snaking its way past smooth boulders and rocks from an incredible height.

In this painting, pine trees overlook the waterfall as it gushes past the steep gorge.  Premeditated, fluid brushwork showcases the beauty and power of nature. Kaibab Canyon Falls reveals a lovely balance of soft and rich hues that makes the painting both soothing and intriguing.