Harbor Twilight


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“The inspiration is just my faith, knowing somehow that things will work out.” – Charles Pabst

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In Harbor Twilight, the artist paints the breathtaking Greecian port town of Gytheio. Located on the southern tip of Peloponnese, the seaside port is a quaint location for those who enjoy the tranquility and energy of small towns. Likewise, Pabst loves living close to the water with a front-row seat to exciting coastline activity and day-to-day life.

In this painting, the sky erupts in a pastel explosion of sorbet hues over a well-preserved row of Greecian architecture. Sailboats line up neatly against the pier as eateries and shops twinkle to life. The artist captures the beauty of Gytheio in Harbor Twilight using his classic approach to landscape painting.