Nobody’s Gold


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24" x 36"



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“The universal currency of Fall. All denominations can be found here and there is enough of a reserve for everyone.” – Alexander Volkov, 2005

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is one of the few fine art galleries that offer “meet the artist behind the brush” events. The featured artist takes center stage during such casual affairs, sharing personal stories of their  artistic journey. Guests are welcome to ask questions, take photographs, have their canvases signed, and watch the painter in action. If you are an Alexander Volkov art collector and would wish to share in this unique experience, head on to the Events page of the website to find out when the gallery will feature Volkov.

When visiting the gallery, you will have the opportunity to peruse a vast repertoire of the artist’s oil paintings, including his Seasons collection featuring vivid depictions of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. One of these pieces is Nobody’s Gold, an impressive rendition of the characteristically yellow Autumn leaves. Lying on the earth amid fallen twigs and browned pine needles, they quietly represent the transition from a hot climate to cold, harvest to hibernation, and ending to rebirth.

Nobody’s Gold – a still life illustration showcases Volkov’s realism style with intrinsic brushwork that captures every detail of each element in the setting.