Early Autumn Snowfall


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34" x 48"



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“This is about the solitude and tranquility you find in the New England landscape. I love wandering across the open fields and small towns, finding places like this where you feel at peace and at home.” – Alexander Volkov

Assuage your appetite for art by dropping by the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe. This mammoth space is home to some of the best works by famous artists such as Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, John Mark Gleadow, and Malcolm Tibbetts. Once you’ve explored the collections, including Alexander Volkov art, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The artist’s seasonal pieces have an Arcadian quality that is hard to miss. In Early Autumn Snowfall, Volkov paints a stalwart tree with rich foliage in hues of canary yellow and mustard. In the hazy daylight, the tree hunches in the brisk air as its leaves shed on the snow. Like Volkov’s hometown, New England’s topography of sprawling pastures and quaint towns are a sight for sore eyes.

This piece will stir up feelings of calm, peace, and joy, making it the perfect addition to a home, loft, waiting area, or cozy café.